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Fly down, rent a car, and go explore South Texas!  The beach is definitely one of the main attractions for South Padre Island, but there is so much more to do and see! 

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South Padre Island Birding and Nature CenterSouth Padre Island Birding Center
6801 Padre Blvd.
South Padre Island, Texas 78597
956 - 243 - 8179

The mission of the South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center is to provide educational opportunities for our residents and visitors to learn about birds, flora, fauna and the natural environment of South Padre Island, the Laguna Madre Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico with an emphasis on conservation and environmental awareness See More...
Sea Turtle Inc.  South Padre IslandSea Turtle Inc. South Padre Island, Texas
6617 Padre Blvd 
South Padre Island, Texas 78597
956 - 761 - 4511

Sea Turtle, Inc is a non-profit organization (501-C3). The sole source of income is public donations which are used to achieve the three missions. Specifically, donations help with the upkeep of the sea turtles housed at the facility. This includes food, medications, heaters, filters, water and electricity. Donations are also used to support Sea Turtle, Inc.’s educational programs and sent around the world to fund alternative resource and conservation projects.  See more...
Sea Life Marine Center Port Isabel, Texas
110 N Garcia
Port Isabel, Texas 78578
956 - 299 - 1957

Mission Statement:  To educate the public regarding the bottle nose dolphins native to the Gulf of Mexico and South Padre Island in addition to promoting public support for the wildlife of our area.  See more...
Laguna Atascos Wildlife Refuge
22817 Ocelot Road
Los Fresnos, Texas   78566

956 - 748 - 3607

Known as the last great habitat in south Texas, the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) supports a diversity of wildlife unlike anywhere else in the United States.  See more...
Sabal Palm Sanctuary
956 - 541 - 8034

The Sanctuary sits on a 527-acre tract of land on the Rio Grande in Brownsville, Texas and is one of the most uniquely biodiverse habitats in the country, containing one of the last vestige of original Sabal Palm forest in the U.S. The Sanctuary provides breeding habitat for many endangered or high-priority birds and is a critical source of shelter and food for migrating and wintering species.  See more...
Resaca de la Palma Birding Center

Brownsville’s Resaca de la Palma boasts the largest tract of native habitat in the World Birding Center network. Etched by ancient curves of the Rio Grande, its 1200 semi-tropical acres provide a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of an international urban center only a few miles away.
  See more...

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