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What can be better than a beautiful sunset at the end of the day on South Padre Island?!  When conditions are just right, locals and visitors are treated to some of the most colorful and extravagant sunsets over the Laguna Madre Bay.  There are many spots where one can view the sunset while having dinner and drinks or simply sitting on a pier or vehicle overlooking the bay. 

We spend countless hours making sure that we always capture those magical sunsets from different points on South Padre Island and bring those images to you via  All images can be purchased and will help us to continue our quest to never miss a natural work of art!
Fishermen are making their way back to the boat ramp at Isla Blanca Park.

Another golden sunset over the Laguna Madre Bay!

The boat ramp at Isla Blanca Park.

Conditions coming together can give you some amazing natural artwork.  It's up to the photographer to capture the moment and make it last forever!

A sunset can be worth more than a thousand words!

A moment of complete and utter serenity!

Fire in the sky!
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