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Spring Break 2012

Spring Break 2012
By Mark Lehmann IP Editor

All numbers seem to indicate that this Spring Break is one of the biggest in SPI history!  Never before have I witnessed so many people on the beaches of South Padre Island at one time.  Looking in either direction, I could see thousands of college students walking on the beach carrying beer, coolers, beer bongs, and flags. 

Everyone was blessed with pretty decent weather this year.  It seemed like no matter what week Texas Week fell on, cold rainy weather would always come about.  This year started like that with a cold front right at the beginning, but two days later, the sun came out and so did the beach goers! 

Coca Cola Beach was definitely the place to party during the day for them as it drew the biggest crowds ever!  The MC, Motor Mouth Mike had everyone going with contests and non-stop dance music blaring from the Coca Cola 50,000 watt  + sound system on the beach.   

A few serious and unfortunate incidents did occur throughout Texas week on Coca Cola Beach.  Countless number of people were getting treated for severe alcohol intoxication, cuts on their feet by the aluminum cans, and heat exhaustion.  There were also serious reports of stabbings, fights, and sexual assaults as well.  Personally I think that more needs to be done by Coca Cola, Isla Grand, and the city of South Padre Island to help protect the people in the crowds.  The law enforcement was definitely present and did an amazing job, but with the crowds reaching an estimated 38,000 people, there is only so much they can do to maintain control.  Checkpoints need to be in place to search for weapons and other prohibited items.  I know it seems almost impossible and probably is, but more still needs to be done to help protect everyone! 

The South Padre Island code enforcement had checkpoints on the north and south beach entrances and were looking for minors with alcohol and glass containers on the beach.  They did a wonderful job!  I saw them handing out citations left and right and kept a lot of glass bottles off the beach and minors from drinking.      

The Beach Patrol was busy helping people with cuts on their feet caused by all the beer cans dropped on the sand and assisting people who were passed out drunk on the beach.  An air-conditioned medical triage tent was placed behind the Coca Cola stage on the tennis courts of the Isla Grand to give immediate attention to those who needed it most.  Some were then taken to local hospitals where better attention and treatment could be given.

Overall, a wonderful job was done by the law enforcement, Beach Patrol, and EMS units in assisting those who needed medical attention on Coca Cola Beach.  Every Spring Break should be seen as a learning experience for all in hopes of making the next one even safer and better!
Here are a few images taken on Texas Week from Coca Cola Beach!