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Spring Break (2nd week of February to 3rd week of April) is the official start of the tourist season on South Padre Island.  Beaches and night clubs are filled with young college students from all over the U.S. looking for that much needed break from the stresses of school.  Traffic during this time can be very congested on the island.  Crossing the causeway to get here can take up to 4 hours during the peak time (Texas Week).  Best times to drive over the causeway are in the early morning hours.  It will start to back up at around 11:00 A.M. and can stay that way all day until late at night!

Immediately after the U.S. college spring break ends, the Mexican nationals arrive for approximately two weeks with their Spring Break and Easter break combined. 

Many of them own condominiums on South Padre Island and use them as vacation homes throughout the year.  They have invested a lot of money and are also a huge reason as to why South Padre Island is developed as nicely as it is! 
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