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Kite boarding on South Padre Island is a year round affair! 

Above:  A local kite boarder is taking advantage of South Padre Island's consistent winds in January


South Padre Island is regarded as one of the best kite boarding destinations across the U.S.  This area has gained much popularity in the past 10 years down here bringing people from all over the country and the rest of the world, some even making this place their new home!

It may as well be a kite boarder's dream come true!  You have access to some of the most consistent winds and warm gulf waters, bars and restaurants all around, beautiful beaches, excellent fishing, and chill atmosphere year-round.  

Kite board in the bay...

The shallow and warm waters of the Laguna Madre Bay make this a great place for beginners to learn to kite board and quickly improve since conditions are generally favorable 200+ days a year.

Experts can take full advantage of the higher winds produced here during the months of March - June.

Kite board in the surf...

Kite boarding in the surf is slightly more difficult and somewhat more dangerous than practicing in the bay, however, the reward of ripping up solid head high + waves more than make up for it!

It is very important that you always practice safety precautions when kite boarding around others.

Please visit the local shops to find out more information for kite boarding lessons on South Padre Island.

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