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Beaches of South Padre Island, Texas...
by Mark Lehmann

There are several beaches to discover while vacationing on South Padre Island.  Some are easy to access, while others require a little driving and a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  We have them listed below from South to North.
Boca Chica Beach

This is the southernmost part of South Padre Island, Texas, and the United States on this side of the gulf!  I wouldn't exactly say that it is part of South Padre Island since it is completely cut off by the ship channel, but it is so close and definitely worth mentioning here! 

This is a popular beach for locals and tourists alike.  People come here for surfing, fishing, bird watching, or simply enjoying nature and the beach.  Bonfires are also allowed here.

Boca Chica Beach is 99% undeveloped with the exception of a few standing houses built by the jetties and are used as vacation homes.  There is no running water or electricity here. 

Did you know that you can see Mexico from here?!  Sound a little familiar?  Well you can see Mexico when you reach the Rio Grande River.  Simply take a right as soon as you arrive to the beach while driving on Boca Chica Blvd. from Brownsville, Texas.  You will need to drive approximately 1.5 miles until you reach the end of the United States. 

Taking a right from the highway will eventually lead you to the Boca Chica Jetties.  It is approximately 2.5 miles distance and anywhere between 5 - 20 minute drive depending on driving conditions.  You will see South Padre Island on the other side of the ship channel from there.  Fishing and surfing are popular here.

Make sure to bring food, water, 5 gallon bucket, shovel, and tow strap if coming to this beach. 
Barracuda Cove Beach

This beach is located at the Barracuda Cove on the Boca Chica Beach side.  It is a popular spot for fishing, shell hunting, or simply hanging out and enjoying the sun.  It is protected from the larger swells by the jetties and is a perfect spot to drop anchor and take it easy on the boat.  It is not uncommon to find this beach empty throughout the year.
Dolphin Cove Beach

This beach is located at the Dophin Cove in the Isla Blanca Park.  Another popular spot for fishing and hanging out.  This beach is also a good launch location for waverunners since the beach is easily accessible both on land and water.
Bayside Beach/ Isla Blanca

You will find this beach located right next to the boat ramp inside Isla Blanca.  You will find yourself overlooking the bay from this beach.  It is another great spot to launch waverunners, fish, and just hang out on the beach.
Isla Blanca Beach/ Jetties/ 1st and 2nd Pavilions

Map of Isla Blanca Park

The main road (loop) is a one-way road.  Many people are unaware of this and tend to drive against traffic.  There are many kids present during peak season and other holidays so please be careful and read all street signs.

This is a popular beach for local surfers, kiteboarders, fishermen, and beachgoers.

Water Sports:

Great place for swimming, surfing, and kite boarding amongst other things.  Diving and snorkeling are also great activities at the end of the jetties.  You will be amazed at the amount and variety of fish present on 20 feet down.  You need to pay close attention to the conditions to ensure that you go during the right time with any of the activities mentioned above. 


This is a great place to go fishing while on South Padre Island.  You have access to so many different spots all along the jetties as well as different beaches in and around Isla Blanca.  Redfish, trout, mangrove snapper, and sheepshead are commonly caught here.  You can also catch shark, snook, jack crevalle, kingfish, and much more during certain times of the year off the jetties.  Highly recommended place to visit if you plan on doing a little fishing!

Locate it:

You will find this beach when you take a right on Padre Blvd. as soon as you get on to the Island.  Go all the way straight until you arrive at the park entrance gates.  Speed limit is 30 MPH on your way to Isla Blanca!


You will need to pay $4.00 for a personal vehicle day pass.  Other vehicle types will have different rates.  You can also purchase a 90 day park pass or a year park pass.  Please visit the Cameron County Park Main Office located halfway between the causeway and park entrance.  It is located on the right-hand side right past the KOA Campground sign.


You will have access to the beach, beachfront parking, jetties, BBQ grills, 2 pavilions, 2 snack bars (open seasonal), 2 children's playgrounds, bait stand, boat ramp, and public restrooms with showers.

RV Parking:

This location also serves as an RV park with daily and monthly rates.  Wi fi internet connection is also available here for RV park residents at an additional cost.
Hotels Beaches

This basically refers to the stretch of beach behind the hotels of South Padre Island.  Starting at the Sapphire and ending at the Hilton.  This stretch of beach is also a good option for surfing or fishing when the conditions are right!
Andy Bowie County Park Beach

You will find Andy Bowie County Park on your right-hand side as soon as you pass the South Padre Island Convention Center.
North Access Beach

This area refers to the last few beach accesses and the 30 mile drive up to Port Mansfield Jetties.  This area is completely isolated from any development.  You will not find any water or gas station nearby.  Anyone driving through here should have some basic knowledge of driving on sand and carry needed supplies of food/water and/or bucket, shovel, and tow strap.
Nude Beach

There is also a self-proclaimed public "nude" beach located approximately 10-12  miles north of the Beach Access 6.  It is marked with an emergency evacuation vehicle/pod that drifted ashore after a storm in 2010.  Locals often refer to it as the "UFO".  
Port Mansfield Jetties/Beach

if you successfully made the 30 mile drive north of Beach Access 6, you will arrive at the Port Mansfield Jetties.  This gem of a beach is 100% free of any commercial development.  It is an excellent spot for surfing and fishing.


I must say that some of the absolute best waves that I've surfed in Texas have been on the north side jetties.  You will need to paddle 100 yards or so across the ship channel to reach the north jetties.  Watch our for sharks and currents!


This is another excellent spot for fishing!  You can catch flounder, redfish, trout, snook, shark, and much more!  Another highly recommended spot if you feel like going for a little adventure!

This is a great place for camping as well!