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Beach Safety Tips

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Local stand-up paddlers take advantage of the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and go for a relaxing offshore cruise.


Please make sure to pay close attention to the warning flags posted at every beach access point.  Children should be closely monitored while swimming since it can only take seconds for a rip current to sweep them off their feet!

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The city of South Padre Island offers beach goers the added benefit of having a special unit of rescue swimmers with the fire department known as the SPI Beach Patrol.  You will find them patrolling the beaches from 10:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. to assist any swimmers who may find themselves in distress.  They are also available to assist anyone who may find themselves requiring medical assistance on the beach.



Parents:  This is the absolute most important rule you can teach your children which may end up saving their life one day!

Always try to remain calm in the event you find yourself in distress while swimming in the water.  You will spend most, if not all your energy and oxygen once panic sets in.  YOU MUST REMAIN CALM!

You will only have a minute or two left once you spend all of your energy before your head goes underwater.

Once again, DO NOT PANIC!  This is probably the most important tip that can save your life, or the life of someone you know.

Try to conserve energy by floating on your back and waiving your arm to draw some attention.  


Dial 911 immediately if you suspect someone is having difficulties in the water.  Children and adults alike.  Don't hesitate!  Seconds can be the difference of life or death. 

Only attempt the rescue if you feel you are an experienced swimmer or can go in without risking your life.  Last thing that needs to happen is to have two swimmers in distress!

It will usually only take a few minutes for the surf rescue team and medical help to arrive anywhere in the city of South Padre Island.  Make sure they have ample room to reach your area. 

Clear any obstacles and debris that may be in the way of the rescue vehicles and ambulance. 
Venemous Marine Life

There are other things to look out for when having fun in the sun while on South Padre.  Jellyfish, Man-o-wars, sting rays, sea urchins, and more linger out on the beaches and in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  Click here to find out more...